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Safety Works When People Work Together

Our custom-built safety mobile apps enable employees to communicate hazardous conditions and behavior-based safety observations, near misses, and workplace incidents from anywhere, at any time!

Employee Engagement Simplified!

Employee engagement and support is an important part of a company’s Safety Management System. Employees must feel like they can take ownership of problems. As well as having the ability to find and control safety losses in the workplace.

Promptly voicing safety concerns is important. However, documenting and sharing these findings is tough in our rain-or-shine, fast-paced environments. Knickerbocker get rid of the paper. Instead we electronically link employees and management in real time, front line critical safety information.

What’s in it for You?

Decrease Waste, Cost, Inefficiencies
Increase Proactive Leading Indicator
Improve Compliance
Increase Employee Involvement
Improve Communication
Enhance New Hire (SSE) Onboarding
Increase Morale
Offline Access

Knickerbocker understands your work takes you off the beaten path. That’s not a problem for us! All documents and forms are available offline and submission will be sent as soon as you return to service.

Key Advantages

Higher employee spirit – With advanced incident management reporting mobile app, your employees will be rest assured and confident about their Environment, Health, and Safety concerns

Continued productivity – With instant notifications on incident reports, you will be able to decide and implement the business. As a result any plan in place will not make you loose any time!

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Our Key Features

Incident Reporting & Tracking

Analyze, track, and trend your reporting data.

Membership Login

Password protect your app. Provide a personalized experience for your users


Emergency Contacts

One touch calling to company emergency contacts


Push Notifications To Engage Employees

They’ll never miss out on important news and emergency alerts.

Add Training Manuals, Videos & PDFs

Upload training manuals and other important company documents.


Customizable Forms

Create and send customized safety reports.

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